Capstone Turbines │ Chatsworth, CA

Capstone ensured reliability during recent disasters through its microturbines that continued to power impacted communities. One such system kept a hotel on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands up and running during Hurricane Irma. Capstone Turbines was featured on episode 1 of CEBN’s podcast series.

ElectraTherm │ Reno, NV

In the Balkan oil fields, nearly 30% of natural gas is flared.  What if we could capture it to generate electricity?

Energy Technology Savings │ Livingston, NJ

When the power goes out in a high-rise Manhattan apartment complex, the lights, HVAC, elevators, and water pressure don’t work.  CHP is a continuous, reliable power source that provides enormous cost savings.

Greener by Design │ New Brunswick, NJ

This sustainability, environmental and energy consulting firm is helping the city of Hoboken keep critical facilities online during disaster through a community-level microgrid system. Greener by Design was featured on episode 1 of CEBN’s podcast series.

Green Fortress Engineering │Indianapolis, IN

This NSF-funded startup is storing solid-state hydrogen on a silicon substrate.  Imagine your cell phone holding a charge for 20 days, or your solar panels powering your home on cloudy days.

Go Electric │Anderson, IN

Go Electric provides microgrid solutions for a wide array of applications that manage and synchronize multiple energy sources like solar, wind, and storage for increased resiliency and efficiency. Go Electric was featured on episode 1 of CEBN’s podcast series.

Gulf Coast Green Energy │ Bay City, TX

Gulf Coast Green Energy, a close partner of ElectraTherm uses waste heat to power technology to generate emissions-free, fuel-free power.  Gulf Coast Green Energy was featured on episode 1 of CEBN’s podcast series.

Ion Power Group │ Navarre, FL

What if we could harness electricity from the air? A team of engineers, planetary scientists, and business leaders is doing just that.

Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. │ Cleveland, OH

What will it take to build the first freshwater offshore wind farm in N. America?

luminAID │ Chicago, IL

In a natural disaster, the lights usually go out.  How can we light up communities in need, or your next camping trip?

MHR Development │ Norwalk, CT

How did a congregation of 2,500 School Sisters of Notre Dame cut their energy use in half and improve their quality of life? A comprehensive set of building efficiency, lighting, HVAC and solar solutions reduced energy costs and offered more comfortable living conditions on the 38-acre campus.

Missouri Solar Applications │ Jefferson City, MO

Floyd and Alice Hansen’s last two power bills were less than $10.  And in 7-8 years, their rooftop solar system will have paid for itself.

OnBoard Dynamics │ Bend, OR

Onboard Dynamics provides self-contained, on-site, convenient CNG refueling that is powered by clean-burning natural gas or biogas with no external power requirements. OnBoard Dynamics was featured on episode 1 of CEBN’s podcast series.

SurClean │ Wixom, MI

New laser-based technology provides an energy-efficient, non-damaging solution for stripping paint and coatings off aircraft, ships, and more.

ReEnergy Holdings │ Latham, NY

When Fort Drum switched its coal plant to sustainably-harvested biomass, it was a win for the Army and the local community.

Thermal Energy Partners │ Austin, TX

The Nevis Geothermal Project will increase economic growth, reduce power costs, increase employment and create new economic opportunities for local businesses. Thermal Energy Partners was featured on episode 1 of CEBN’s podcast series.

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From 2014-2015, The Pew Charitable Trusts examined emerging clean energy economies in eight states. Several of the businesses featured in case studies are current CEBN members.