Urge Congress to Fund Federal Clean Energy Programs

Congress needs to pass appropriations legislation to keep the federal government funded through the remainder of fiscal year 2018, as short-term spending bills expire in December. Help prevent severe cuts to critical programs to support research and development, provide technical assistance, and address technological challenges. Related content: webinarblog

Weigh in on Your Tax Priorities

Congressional proposals to cut corporate tax rates and simplify the personal tax code would also address several energy provisions. Nearly 80 CEBN members signed onto a letter to Congressional leaders recommending changes to the legislation in conference. Related content: Blog postSenate Finance Committee letter and tips on contacting elected officials

Help Us Make the Case for Energy Efficiency

The CEBN is collecting case studies on energy efficiency success stories to share with policymakers and the public. Have you worked on a project that saved customers money, improved reliability, or had other benefits?  Learn about ways to tell your story.

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