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Faces Behind the Facts is the Clean Energy Business Network’s new companion project to the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook—an annual report produced by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (CEBN’s parent organization) and Bloomberg New Energy Finance. View their stories here.

Capstone Turbine Corporation │ Van Nuys, CA

When Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on communities along the Northeastern Seaboard, 90 microturbines manufactured by Capstone Turbine Corporation were operating in the area. All but one of these units continued to provide power and heat to customers when the grid went down.

ElectraTherm │ Reno, NV

In the Bakken oil fields, nearly 30% of natural gas is flared.  What if we could capture it to generate electricity?

Energy Technology Savings │ Livingston, NJ

When the power goes out in a high-rise Manhattan apartment complex, the lights, HVAC, elevators, and water pressure don’t work.  CHP is a continuous, reliable power source that provides enormous cost savings.

Greener by Design │ New Brunswick, NJ

This sustainability, environmental and energy consulting firm is helping the city of Hoboken keep critical facilities online during disaster through a community-level microgrid system. Greener by Design was featured on episode 1 of CEBN’s podcast series.

Green Fortress Engineering │Indianapolis, IN

This NSF-funded startup is storing solid-state hydrogen on a silicon substrate.  Imagine your cell phone holding a charge for 20 days, or your solar panels powering your home on cloudy days.

Go Electric │Anderson, IN

Go Electric provides microgrid solutions for a wide array of applications that manage and synchronize multiple energy sources like solar, wind, and storage for increased resiliency and efficiency. Go Electric was featured on episode 1 of CEBN’s podcast series.

Gulf Coast Green Energy │ Bay City, TX

Gulf Coast Green Energy, a close partner of ElectraTherm uses waste heat to power technology to generate emissions-free, fuel-free power.  Gulf Coast Green Energy was featured on episode 1 of CEBN’s podcast series.

Ion Power Group │ Navarre, FL

What if we could harness electricity from the air? A team of engineers, planetary scientists, and business leaders is doing just that.

Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. │ Cleveland, OH

What will it take to build the first freshwater offshore wind farm in N. America?

luminAID │ Chicago, IL

In a natural disaster, the lights usually go out.  How can we light up communities in need, or your next camping trip?

MHR Development │ Norwalk, CT

How did a congregation of 2,500 School Sisters of Notre Dame cut their energy use in half and improve their quality of life? A comprehensive set of building efficiency, lighting, HVAC and solar solutions reduced energy costs and offered more comfortable living conditions on the 38-acre campus.

Missouri Solar Applications │ Jefferson City, MO

Floyd and Alice Hansen’s last two power bills were less than $10.  And in 7-8 years, their rooftop solar system will have paid for itself.

OnBoard Dynamics │ Bend, OR

Onboard Dynamics provides self-contained, on-site, convenient CNG refueling that is powered by clean-burning natural gas or biogas with no external power requirements. OnBoard Dynamics was featured on episode 1 of CEBN’s podcast series.

Sidel Global │ Atascadero, CA

What options exist to reduce the carbon emissions of coal-fired and other fossil power plants? Sidel Global has developed a new approach to carbon capture and utilization, harnessing waste CO2 to create commercially-valuable biproducts.

SurClean │ Wixom, MI

New laser-based technology provides an energy-efficient, non-damaging solution for stripping paint and coatings off aircraft, ships, and more.

ReEnergy Holdings │ Latham, NY

When Fort Drum switched its coal plant to sustainably-harvested biomass, it was a win for the Army and the local community.

Thermal Energy Partners │ Austin, TX

The Nevis Geothermal Project will increase economic growth, reduce power costs, increase employment and create new economic opportunities for local businesses. Thermal Energy Partners was featured on episode 1 of CEBN’s podcast series.

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