Episode 2: Energy Policy Outlook for 2018

A tax code overhaul, deadlines on federal spending caps, and major federal and state regulatory changes are just some of the gifts coming our way in the closing weeks of 2017 and beginning of the new year. On this episode of Fuel for Discussion, we give you the basics to keep up with these developments. Listen here.

Episode 1: Powering through the Storm

On our first episode of Fuel for Discussion, we honed in on the loss of power after major disruptions in light of recent hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes—and took a moment in the midst of these ongoing crises to think about forward-looking solutions. Hear from CEBN members as they share their ideas. Listen here.

CEBN’s podcast Fuel for Discussion goes in depth on the broad array of technologies that are a part of the shift to a clean energy economy and the dynamic policy ecosystem of these markets. We frequently draw on the 3,000+ members of the CEBN working in clean energy, as their compelling stories provide our fuel for discussion.