Urge Congress to Fund Federal Clean Energy Programs

The “Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018,” which was enacted into law on February 9, extended funding for federal programs for 6 weeks and raised federal limits on both defense and non-defense spending over the next two years. Read our brief summary of the legislation. The budget deal paves the way for final action in March on appropriations for the remainder of fiscal year 2018. Meanwhile, Congress will soon begin work for the next funding cycle in response to the President’s budget request for fiscal year 2019, which proposes deep cuts to federal energy programs.

More than 85 CEBN members have signed onto letters to House and Senate appropriators urging them to maintain robust funding for federal clean energy programs for the remainder of fiscal year 2018.  Add your name and help us top 100 signatures! The CEBN will resend the letters with the added signatures, and keep members posted about opportunities to engage in the fiscal year 2019 cycle. Related content: webinarblog

Weigh in on Your Tax Priorities

Congressional proposals to cut corporate tax rates and simplify the personal tax code would also address several energy provisions. Nearly 80 CEBN members signed onto a letter to Congressional leaders recommending changes to the legislation in conference. Related content: Blog postSenate Finance Committee letter and tips on contacting elected officials

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